Princeton Personality Test

The Princeton Personality Test

In this fast-paced Internet world,
employers should no longer rely on
résumés alone.  A résumé provides only
a one-dimensional view of an applicant.
To make matters worse, many of the résumés are misleading or "inflated" masterpieces.
Internet job boards make applying for a job so easy that
hundreds of résumés are received for most positions
posted.  Reading all those résumés wastes a lot of
time and money . . . not to mention the cost of the
unproductive interviews that often follow.  At best, it's
an inefficient hiring process.  At worst, the process
practically ensures the wrong candidates will be hired. 
As Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, says . . .

     "In the hands of the inexperienced,
                 résumés are dangerous weapons."

No one is good at everything. The personality traits
that make a person great at one job, can also make
them a bottom performer at another job.  Knowing
which candidates have the right traits gives employers
the insight to invite in the best job candidates.

In essence, the Princeton Personality Test levels the playing field. It helps job hunters with the right set of personality traits get noticed and interviewed - in spite
of their résumés. The test brings equality to the hiring
process. No longer are candidates chosen for interviews based solely on a pretty or inflated résumé.